It’s Just a Ride

A regular pointless conversational podcast between Tom Newton and Chris Cameron

January 31st, 2015    


In which Chris' glasses have legs, Tom has a glue blow, they fight a blind blonde ninja, remember monkey magic, examine comebacks, and enjoy some modern art.


January 4th, 2015    

Rotting Robin and Green Faced Monkey! (Happy New Year)

In which Tom and Chris AND Jules do shots, make resolutions, prepare to wear tight spandex, hate toddler TV, are terrified of Josephine, and wish all their listeners a Happy New Year!


December 23rd, 2014    

It’s Just An Electronic Sleigh Ride! (F**k Christmas, I’m Jeremy Irons)

In Which Tom and Chris make a triumphant return and wish all of their listeners a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November 24th, 2014    

Famish McTruth!

In which Tom and Chris prepare for Christmas and war, have a school daze party, invent superheroes, are not gay, and have an epic quiz rematch.


November 16th, 2014    

Nasal Sex!

In which Tom and Chris awaken The Force, watch a Betamax, discover that Macaulay Culkin isn't dead, remember the pub ol' days, have a LOL, and Tom prepares to level up again.


November 2nd, 2014    

The Interweb Taxi to the Future!

in which Tom and Chris celebrate two years podcasting, hate justin, talk rebels, solve the Rubik's Dildo, eat sweeties, and talk more nonsense into the future!


October 26th, 2014    


In which Tom and Chris feel nostalgic, Tom scratches his balls, Chris gets emo, they Marvel at comic book wars, study statistics, and learn some fascinating boozy facts.


October 20th, 2014    


In which Tom and Chris talk all things spooky, get slender, run from aliens, do not wanna call Ghostbusters, and review the scariest movies ever.


October 11th, 2014    

A Cautious Consciousness!

In which Chris weeped when Tom fell into a pothole, they marvel at cheesecake, get barred, become nostalgic about vampy fanaticism, and get philomasophical.


October 4th, 2014    

The Hole in the Basement!

In which Tom and Chris discover that the earth is on a wobble, revisit a joyful place from their past, Chris keeps flashing, the TV gets destroyed, they watch classic horror, and endure reality TV. 


September 20th, 2014    

Placid, or Major Stonk-on?!

In which Tom and Chris get foodie, play with Star Wars figures, talk cameos, possible plots, and have a quiz from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...


September 7th, 2014    

Lesbian Lizards!

In which Tom and Chris mourn Mr Williams, take on ice bucket challenges and sleepless nights, suffer spider revenge, and talk vampire chronicles and universal monsters.


August 27th, 2014    


In which Tom and Chris get a little serious and talk about the birth of Louis Newton!


August 6th, 2014    

Rape Arker Jr!

In which Chris is concerned about Tom's colour, they change their mind about McConaughey, enthuse about the return of Lestat, berate more sequels, and talk Star Wars and crossovers. 


July 12th, 2014    


In which Chris deeply disturbs Tom with a horror story, they mourn Mr Mayall, encounter a Great White, go diving, and fail to survive a quiz.


June 29th, 2014    

The Male Genopause!

In which Tom and Chris forget everything, discuss the Dawning of Justice, get Flashy, Chris brings baby gifts, Tom writes a song, and they celebrate Helloween.


June 11th, 2014    

There Can Be Only…Two! A Highlander Movie Special!

In which Tom and Chris meet a French Scotsman and a Scottish Spaniard, Barbara has a tape recorder in her box, nuns wear Pepperami Hats, and nobody knows what The Quickening actually is.


May 29th, 2014    

Goodnight Wee Man!

In which Tom and Chris hate Midgies and Wasps, do not wanna build a snowman, have fashion disasters, rant about Mr Clarkson, announce a movie special, and experience a sharknado.


May 14th, 2014    

Happy Little Clouds!

In which Chris levels up and tells of his holiday park horror, Tom's cringe gland goes into overdrive, they sing-a-long with Mr Ross, get quizzical, and mourn Mr Hoskins.


May 1st, 2014    

The McSsiah!

In which Tom and Chris mosh to some heavy woodwind, remember walkmans, Visit Gotham, avoid Cagney and Lacey, and come outdoors.


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